READY To Sell your HOME?


Ideally, we can meet at your home so we can physically meet you, see your home and get a sense of its value.  At this meeting, we will discuss what to expect during the selling process.  We want to know..."What is most Important to You" in regards to selling.  With that information, we will put together a business plan, along with calendar of how to sell your property.  At the same time,  we explain our listing agreement,  and show you what a sample purchase agreement will look like from a buyer.  


Preparation is everything.  We feel strongly that your home should show as beautiful as possible, and we will help by recommending and managing contractors if necessary to fine tune, or spruce things up!   No worries - We have wonderful resources including painters, lawn care specialists,  haulers, and people who do staging if you need them.  It is second nature to us, so if it is not for you....please allow us to help!


Lights, Camera, Action!   98% of all Buyers are shopping for homes on line.  Therefore, an incredible on line presence of your home reaching millions of shoppers via all the major realtor sites is paramount.   Excellent photos and floor plans are the most important piece of marketing we can provide you. Twilight & aerial photography, as well as interactive floor plans is a must on our listings, and we are thrilled to do it for you since we know it works.  Please see a sample of our Virtual Tour on the main page.     We can explain in our listing appointment the advantages of our global tracking and other technology which is such an advantage throughout the entire process.


Being prepared for the home inspectors, appraisers, HOAs and Condo Association rules is crucial to the success of a deal.   Our team of transaction coordinators who assist us in keeping the sale on track legally is crucial as well.  Steady communication and contact with all the players of the sale is so important and something we do very well.  


Who said moving was hard?  It doesn't have to be...when you hire a member of the Mullican Group.   Please consider us when you wish to sell.

Hundreds of References from Happy Clients can be furnished upon request.